Electric Combi Boilers Built-in Water Tank

  • Integrated with a 35-liter water tank for instant hot water supply.
  • Unique patent heating element with 98% efficiency.
  • Features include constant temperature control, humanized intelligent control, dual antifreeze protection, and a timing start-up/shutdown function.
  • Near-silent operation.
Compact Design
Low-noise Operation
Safe Protection
Constant Temperature

Installation Diagram

Installation Diagram of Electric Combi Boilers Built-in Water Tank
Room Temperature Changes of Open-vented Type


  • Compact design incorporating a 35L water tank within the boiler unit.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating and radiator systems.
  • Sealed system with water and electricity separation.


  • Provides immediate hot water supply for domestic use, making it ideal for scenarios requiring quick access to hot water, such as in bathrooms or kitchens.
  • Can be used for both heating and hot water supply in a residential setting.

Suitable Application Scenarios:

  • Ideal for households with higher hot water demand.
  • Suitable for homes with underfloor heating systems or radiator-based central heating systems.
  • An excellent choice for settings where space is limited but immediate access to hot water is a priority.

Different Series of Electric Combi Boilers Built-in Water Tank

BP-E Series

Inside View
Front View

Electric Combi Boilers Built-in Water Tank's Technical Data

Rated Power (kW)
Voltage     230V400V230V400V230V400V230V400V230V400V230V400V400V
Rated Current (A)   23.9832.610.941.313.847.81656.518.862.620.923.228.433.338
Wire Section mm2   3*2.55*2.53*65*2.53*65*2.53*105*2.53*105*2.53*125*45*45*6
Working Temp. Range30°C~80°C (in radiator mode)
30°C~60°C (in floor heating mode)
Max. Water Temperature80°C
Temperature Difference Setting Range5~30°C
Antifreeze Start Temperature<8°C
Anti-freezing function stop temp.≥10°C
Output Voltage of Pump   230Vac,  0.5A
Capacity of Expansion Tank5L
Inlet & Outlet ConnectionG1/2”
Backwater Inlet connectionG3/4”

Electric Combi Boilers Built-in Water Tank Features

Patent Heating Element
Wifi Coutrol
Touch Pad Control
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