High Water Flow Boiler

An electric combi boiler with a built-in 35-liter water tank is a heating system that combines a water heater and a central heating boiler into one compact unit. These boilers come with a 35-liter internal water tank, providing a hot water supply for efficient heating. Ideal for homes with high hot water needs, they are designed to provide hot water and central heating, eliminating the need for a separate cylinder or tank.

Electric combi boilers with a built-in 35L water tank are ideal for medium-sized homes or apartments where space is limited and hot water demand is high. They efficiently provide both central heating and hot water, making them perfect for homes with multiple bathrooms or frequent hot water usage. Their compact size and all-in-one functionality eliminate the need for separate water tanks or cylinders, freeing up valuable space. These boilers are also a great choice for renovations or new builds where efficient, space-saving heating solutions are desired.


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